Make Your Screens More Engaging in Seconds With Raydiant Pro Content Pass

Oct 01, 2020

Businesses love digital signage for its incredible engagement power. However, sometimes filling those screens with content can become a full-time job of its own. That’s why Raydiant has introduced Raydiant Pro Content Pass, a new customizable content delivery service that does that job for you in seconds–not hours.

Create an Engaging Content Stream Quickly and Easily

Once you subscribe to Raydiant Pro Content Pass and add it to your Raydiant dashboard, all you have to do is choose the type of content you want to deliver. Select categories weather, news, sports, business, health, and infotainment and we’ll do the rest. Within seconds you’ll have a robust stream hand-tailored to the types of content you and your customers love.

Manage Screen Content Remotely

Thanks to Raydiant’s cloud-based platform, you can access your content from anywhere with an internet connection any time you need to. From the platform you can easily create a new content stream, update a current one, or schedule content delivery ahead of time. 

Set It And Forget It

Raydiant Pro Content Pass updates automatically, keeping content current up to the minute. That means once you’ve curated your feed, you’re all set to go until you need to make changes. Your content stream will run 24/7, updating all the time so your customers will never miss the latest big news story, sports result, trivia games or stock price jump.

Build A Better Experience, Build A Better Brand

Whether it’s in a waiting room, office lobby, or in a dining area, everything that’s shown on your screens is part of your branding. Take control of it with Raydiant Pro Content Pass. Tailor your content feed to the type of content that reflects your brand and the people who engage with it.

Raydiant Pro Content Pass gives businesses a way to deliver a steady stream of curated content to their digital signage network without spending countless hours at a computer or hiring a content manager.

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