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How XITE Can Turn Music Videos into Profit for Your Business

Dec 19, 2020

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with XITE, an interactive app offering customized music videos for businesses. Now available on the Raydiant dashboard, XITE brings yet another revenue-building entertainment dimension to bars, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, spas, and other customer-facing businesses. In this blog post, we’ll explore the features and benefits of this newest tool in the Raydiant toolbox.

Why Music Videos for Businesses?

Businesses are using music videos and other in-location entertainment as part of their “retailtainment” experience. Defined as creating an elevated customer experience through multimedia and unique, immersive in-location experiences, retailtainment creates a stronger attachment between customers and brands. As such, retailtainment has been proven to draw more traffic, increase sales, and capture repeat business.

In one Canadian study, 70% of diners stated that music makes them stay longer in a restaurant. Music creates ambience and boosts positive feelings in customers, who typically respond by shopping longer, buying more, and returning more often. And a brand that customizes their in-location music to fit their brand sees a 96% increase in brand loyalty over those that don’t, or that don’t play any music at all. These stats only reflect the music itself—but what about music videos, with their bold imagery and star-studded appeal?

The fact is, people love music videos. In fact, 93/100 of the most-watched YouTube videos are music videos. And it’s not just the younger generation: 60% of Americans aged 35 to 54 and 29% of those 55 and up watch music videos and related content on YouTube at least once a week. Restaurant goers spend 23% more on average with music alone, and businesses of all kinds see a revenue increase by as much as 38% when the right music is playing. Add in the visual experience of seeing their favorite musicians and singers on your in-store screens, and you’re likely to see an even bigger sales uptick!

How XITE Works 

It’s simple: add the XITE app to your Raydiant dashboard, open it, and start playing music videos! Skip the videos you don’t like and like videos you do with your TV remote! The “liked” videos will be added to a list that you can play via the heart icon on the XITE menu.

Looking for a specific artist or song? Search the XITE library. What if you have a particular vibe or theme in mind? XITE has over 60 themed music video channels to choose from. You can also use the mixer feature to play music from a specific genre, style, or decade. Ariana Grande? Check. K-Pop? Check. Taylor Swift? Check. Throwback hits? Check. XITE has the videos to match the music or mood you’re looking for.

How Businesses Can Use Raydiant and XITE 

Bars and restaurants

The right music is crucial for bars and restaurant crowds. Sports bars can use XITE to entertain crowds when a game isn’t on (and another option for non-sports fans when one is playing). Hosting a 90s-themed party? XITE will have a list of videos curated and ready for you. Halloween or holiday party? Set the theme in XITE and let the videos roll all night! From high-energy to low-key, the latest hits or fond music memories, XITE is always vibing with your crowd.

Hotels and resorts

From your lobby to your restaurant all the way to poolside, create a luxury guest experience with the right music. From the second your guest enters your hotel, you want to offer them a positive experience that hits on as many senses as possible. Music videos that match your brand provide beautiful imagery and pleasant tones that capture the eye and ear instantly. Studies show that 35% of customers spend more time in places with pleasant music. Why not offer them a visual and auditory experience from the TVs in your lobby, entryway, restaurant, bar, and common areas? Use XITE music videos to bring the energy up or help your guests lounge in style—whatever sound and ambience you’re looking for, you can instantly create it.


Enhance the spa experience for your guests with music videos that promote a state of relaxation and wellness. The right music and on-screen visuals create a feeling of warmth and help relieve stress. Search for your favorite New Age, classical, or meditation music, or search for a relaxing theme on the XITE app. Waiting guests can enjoy peaceful music in the waiting area or lounge, while others can enjoy the unique musical experience all the way through their treatment.

Retail stores

Using XITE in your retail store is like having your very own music channel that fits your brand. If you cater to teens and younger people, you can set XITE to play the latest videos available. Older generations might love throwback hits and decade-themed music like 50s hits and old-school R&B. No matter who your customers are, they’ll love seeing their favorite artists and hearing their favorite tunes as they shop. Attract them in to shop, keep them browsing longer, and entertain them while they’re waiting in line—all with XITE.


Yes, XITE also works great in offices! In fact, research has found that employees are better able to collaborate, make group decisions, and boost their productivity when music is playing. Plus, what better way to add some oomph to your next Taco Tuesday or casual group brainstorm than a fresh music-video playlist?

Try Raydiant and XITE Today  

If you’re already a Raydiant customer, simply add XITE to your Raydiant dashboard and start playing videos! Not a customer, but want to see what it’s all about? Welcome! We offer a free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee so you can start using your screens as revenue makers right away!

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