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How Raydiant Can Help Businesses During and After COVID-19

Apr 14, 2020

There’s no doubt that we are living in unparalleled times. With most states currently under full or partial stay-at-home directives due to COVID-19, businesses are feeling the strain. Some businesses are shuttered, while others—like restaurants—have shifted temporarily to only delivery and take-out services. How can businesses serving the public during this pandemic reassure customers of their safety? And how all businesses get ready for the customer surge that’s coming once stay-at-home orders are lifted? Raydiant can help with both—here’s how: 

Post Your Cleaning and Disinfecting Practices

Understandably, people are anxious when going out in public right now. Help put their mind at ease by using your digital signs to display your cleaning and disinfecting regimen. For example:

  • Is your staff using disposable gloves that they change frequently or when helping each new customer? 
  • Are you regularly cleaning counters, door handles, shopping carts and baskets, and other high-touch surfaces with a bleach solution? 
  • Is all your staff wearing face masks—in both the front and back of the house? 
  • Have you hired a professional cleaning service to thoroughly disinfect your restaurant, store, or facility? 
  • Do you have a strict, enforced policy that any staff members who are feeling unwell stay home? 
  • Do you offer contact-free delivery and pickup options?

This is all good information to highlight on digital signs in your front window, entrance, front desk, or near checkout. This messaging goes a long way to assure customers that you care about them, your staff, and the people in general during this public health crisis. 

Cleaning and food safety resources for businesses:

Provide Safety Advice for Public Places 

As a versatile tool, Raydiant digital signage isn’t just used to advertise—it’s used to inform. And we are living in a time where having the right information is critical. Use our digital signage system to easily create and display digital posters that provide safety guidelines for customers during their visit with you. Remind customers to practice social distancing, maintaining a minimum of 6’ between them and others while standing in line or shopping. Use digital signage to encourage customers to wipe down shopping carts and other surfaces with disinfecting wipes. Digital signage can also be used for public warnings, such as signage that suggests patrons who are sick to postpone their visit until they are well. 

Digital signage can be an effective reminder tool to wash hands frequently, not touch their face, and to cough into their elbow or tissue, and then discard it. Wayfinding digital signs are helpful as well, since they catch people’s eye and control foot traffic so that you can prevent large groups all at once, or people gathering in small areas. And for the elderly in your community, digital signs are a highly visual way to display senior shopping hours, when they can shop with less customers in the store. 

Some resources for how to protect yourself from COVID-19 while in public:

Offer Virus Prevention Tips 

Do you want to share public health tips with your customers? Do it with digital signs! They are 400 times more likely to be viewed than static signs, and they are proven to make an impression. Share public health videos, charts, and tips from reputable sources like the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO). Raydiant also makes it easy to make your own digital flyers. Use our PosterMyWall app to share reminders like washing your hands for at least 20 seconds—and use our YouTube app to play videos of hand-washing song parodies

More COVID-19 prevention tips and resources to share:

Display Up-to-Date Virus Information

Each day we are learning more about the coronavirus, so it’s important to stay informed. Raydiant’s system lets you display live news feeds on your in-house displays, which you can use to provide the latest public health information to customers and staff. Our News app displays headlines from prominent news agencies like BBC, CNN, and more. And since Raydiant is a cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, it’s easy to set it and forget it—and update your displays as needed—from home.

Train Employees on Proper COVID-19 Protocols 

As things are developing quickly with the coronavirus, it’s becoming increasingly important to provide staff with proper training on helping customers and handling food and inventory. Raydiant’s Virtual Room brings team members together virtually, making it easier to train staff in different locations. Our Virtual Room uses the BlueJeans video conferencing app to virtually meet with employees from across the nation—and globe—with real-time, face-to-face communication. You can use the Virtual Room to conduct webinars and live training sessions, and to connect with team members to offer support and answer questions. 

Employee training resources for COVID-19:

Need More Help? We are Here for You

We know that it’s an overwhelming time for business owners, and so we at the Raydiant team have created a Coronavirus Small Business Resource Center for offering tools, insights, and resources to make it more manageable. Here are a few topics we hope you find helpful:


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