5 Ways Car Dealerships Use Raydiant to Level Up Their Customer Experience

Oct 01, 2020

Car dealerships need to stay competitive, and static signs as selling tools just won’t cut it. Today’s consumer expects a leveled-up experience when they walk in your door. This includes interactive and beautifully vivid digital signs that give them the information they want. Even customers who don’t want to speak to a salesperson will watch digital displays to learn more about car features and promotions. A reported 59% of customers who see digital signage want to learn more about the product or service advertised. It’s no wonder that businesses who use digital signs see an average uptick in sales of 29.5%. 

But Raydiant is more than digital signage—we’re an Experience Platform that works on multiple levels to improve your customer experience. Here are just five of the many ways that car dealerships are using Raydiant to bring in more customers and improve their sales. 

Showcasing Promotions in Crisp HD 

Although the latest statistics say that even tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Zers would rather visit a car dealership in person than buy online, they still don’t like the hard sell. In fact, 72% of customers polled said low-pressure sales was one of the deciding factors when looking to buy a car. Enter digital signs that sell without you having to open your mouth. 

The Raydiant platform includes access to a large library of some of the best apps on the market, including the drag-and-drop design tool PosterMyWall. It includes over 150,000 HD and 4K templates that you can customize to create gorgeous digital posters that show off new car features and current promotions. In a matter of minutes (and with zero design experience), you can create on-screen displays that look professional. You can even include videos in your digital “poster” to make it come to life on the big screen.

Easy-to-Update Digital Service Boards

Use your Raydiant screens to create highly visual, easy-to-read service menus for your  customer lounge or showroom. Our simple, cloud-based interface lets you create a custom-designed menu in minutes, complete with service items and pricing. Our Multizone screen functionality also lets you display images and ads on the side screen of your menu board, as well as live news and weather feed that scrolls on the top or bottom. You can also display wait times, promote finance rates and plans, and share car maintenance tips and trivia on your menu board side screens. Add videos and animations or keep it simple—design your menu boards to match your brand and your unique customers. 

There are so many ways to use Raydiant signage to engage and entertain customers as they wait for an appointment of for their cars to be serviced. The best part is that you don’t have to be at the dealership to update your screens—simply log into our secure, cloud-based portal from anywhere, and on any device, to make screen updates that go live in seconds. 

Social Walls that Create a Buzz 

In a recent survey, 80% of car buyers said they would trust their social network more than they would a salesperson when it comes to car shopping. A different study revealed that 74% of consumers look to their social networks to help them with purchasing decisions. There’s no question that “social proof” is alive and well, and your customers are looking for it. Give them a glimpse of the happy customers you’ve helped by using Raydiant screens as gorgeous social walls. Share curated content that could include past customers enjoying their new cars, along with beautiful photos and commercials from the car manufacturer, showing off their cars’ bells and whistles. 

Raydiant’s Instagram integration makes it easy to pull the best images from your feed as well as those with your branded hashtags. Choose from single- and multiple-photo layouts, add text, shuffle images, and more—your customers will love seeing people just like them driving the car of their dreams.

Soundtracks That Keeps Them Shopping

It’s been proven time and again that music has a measurable effect on consumer behavior. Raydiant’s multi-dimensional platform includes an app that plays background music that has been carefully curated to match your brand. Soundtrack Your Brand is a music app where you can set it and forget it, and it will automatically create custom playlists based on your business type, music genre, or the overall “vibe” you wish to create. The app has over 50 million songs, and your soundtracks update weekly, keeping your music fresh and never repetitive. 

Soundtrack Your Brand also lets you filter out explicit lyrics, ensuring that your dealership is always family-friendly. You can also display album art and song titles on your Raydiant screens as the music plays. And since all of the music on the app—including the latest top 40 hits—are licensed for business, you don’t have to worry about breaking expensive copyright laws. Just play the music you want, when you want it. 

Testimonials and Reviews on Display 

Leverage your best customer testimonials and reviews from your website, Yelp, and Google and put them on display for new buyers! One study found that 90% of car shoppers said positive online reviews influence their purchasing decision. Positive reviews bolster the trust of prospective buyers, who are more apt to enter into a buying relationship with you with this type of social proof. And believe it or not, they are more likely to write a positive review themselves when they see other customer reviews highlighted on your big screens. 

Get Raydiant to Rev Up Your Car Sales

Car dealerships are getting a wake-up call: customer experience is key to capturing business. Today’s customer demands a better online and in-store experience, and if they don’t get it, they’re onto the next. It’s so important to car shoppers that over half of them say they’d choose a dealership that offers a better customer experience over one with lower prices. At Raydiant, creating singular and memorable in-location customer experience is what we do. The Raydiant Experience Platform has everything you need to create a fully immersive in-store experience your customers won’t get anywhere else. Try Raydiant, risk-free, today to see the difference.


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