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3 Key Technological Takeaways from ISE Exhibition 2022

May 13, 2022

‘’Connecting with each other, together in one space, and looking at how we as an industry can change the way people experience the world is nothing short of magical.’’ David P. Labuskes, ISE sponsor and CEO of AVIXA

2022’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world’s largest AV and systems integration exhibition just took place, and what an exciting show it was! Despite recovering from the impact of the pandemic, the event managed to amass a sizable audience, with nearly 44,000 visitors descending on the new ISE home in Gran Vía, Barcelona. Event-goers gained first-hand insights into the latest AV and digital signage trends and set eyes on the innovative solutions ready to shape the future.   

Raydiant was among the 834 exhibitors at the event, where we showcased our Experience Platform powered by AI analytics. While there, we also made time to explore the show floor, navigating our way through the array of new solutions, joining industry-led discussions, and unpacking the key trends gaining momentum in the digital signage industry. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the exhibit, here’s a list of our top 3 takeaways from ISE 2022:

1. The Digitalization of Retail

‘The demand for cutting edge digital solutions in retail is as strong as ever’ – Florian Rotberg, keynote speaker at the Digital Signage Summit at ISE.  

The retail industry is quickly transitioning to a more digital world, a trend especially evident at ISE this year. Customers now expect a streamlined, optimized, and personalized experience every time they enter a store. This facilitating technology is no longer a nice add-on for brick-and-mortar stores but rather a key ingredient to success and customer retention. Here are a few of the cutting edge technologies, notably most of them powered by AI, on display at ISE:  

  • Gesture Recognition: Many people are still worried about touching objects as we continue to wade through the pandemic. Gesture recognition (which uses AI to detect different hand movements) allows users to interact with signage while removing the need for touch and helping them feel safe.  
  • Audience Analytics:  Audience analytics combined with AI powered cameras allow retailers to analyze their in-store marketing efforts and set up targeted advertising campaigns. Rather than playing looped ads, retailers can set up dynamic ads to play personalized content to customers in real-time while collecting anonymous insights on demographics and viewing behaviors. This level of customized content empowers retailers to create more engaging and impactful experiences using their digital signage displays. 
  • Sensor Tracking: Using sensors in combination with digital signage, businesses can keep track of store visitors and use this data to manage occupancy levels or measure visitors against sales intake to analyze store performance.

2. Connected Workspaces

‘The industry is exploding with new and more wonderful collaboration devices and tools while the pandemic gives us the motivation to learn how to use them.’ Bob Synder, EIC, Channel Media. 

Technologies designed to enhance the workplace, with a particular emphasis on connecting remote workers to the office, were all the hype at this year’s ISE show. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we work. Businesses have had to get on board with a new ‘hybrid’ working style (working partially from home) that is becoming increasingly popular with employees. While studies show a 47% uptick in employee productivity while working from home, companies continue to face challenges keeping everyone connected. According to Alister Johnson of Future Source Consulting, many companies are ill-equipped to deal with a combination of remote and in-person team members.’

Companies such as Jabra, NEC, and Panasonic were at the show offering their products to solve this problem. With products ranging from higher resolution screens, 360° displays, and experience-enhancing sound and lighting systems, the solutions seemed vast, endless, and exciting.

3. Green Signage

“This is the most important topic of today and tomorrow. Interest in sustainable digital signage has picked up massively in the past months… especially in Europe where electricity is four times more expensive than it is in the United States.” Florian Rotberg, Managing Director of Invidis Consulting.  

The climate crisis is a pressing issue worldwide, and businesses are trying to do their part to move towards a more sustainable future. For the digital signage industry, this means designing for greener signage by using recycled materials, switching to components that use less power consumption, and turning displays off overnight rather than leaving them on standby. Samsung was one company exhibiting at ISE that demonstrated efforts to be more environmentally friendly by using recyclable components. 

To Next Time 

“We are so pleased to have provided a successful platform for our exhibitors and partners to showcase their innovation and technology solutions,” said Mike Blackman, Managing Director of ISE. “The feedback we are getting from all the exhibitors is that this has been a fantastic show.”

These 3 takeaways from ISE 2022 appear to be key drivers in propelling the digital signage industry forward. ISE 2022 certainly proved to be a fantastic exhibition for us at Raydiant, and we can’t wait to see you all again in January 2023 with our newest innovations designed to push boundaries in the in-location experience management space. Until next year!

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