10 Ways to Optimize Your Hotel with Digital Signage

Dec 16, 2019

Digital signage for hotels benefits both guests and hoteliers alike. It gives guests the impression of a modern, technologically advanced hotel ready to accommodate all their needs. It also streamlines many hotel processes, from welcoming guests at registration to directing them to where they want to go.

Welcome Your Guests with Raydiant Digital Signage

In the competitive world of hospitality, digital signage can set your brand apart. Raydiant’s plug-and-play hardware and cloud-based, easy-to-use interface simplifies the process of creating dynamic visual content that informs and entertains your guests. Setup is simple—just plug in our ScreenRay into the HDMI port of your TV, and after following easy on-screen setup instructions, you’re ready to start. Our large library of apps will let you create, upload, and display images, videos, live calendars, and so much more. You don’t need a designer to create beautiful and professional-looking signs and digital content for your hotel—you can do it all with Raydiant.

Reliability in digital signage is important, and if your hotel’s digital signs are freezing or failing altogether, it will reflect poorly on your brand. At Raydiant, we are proud of our 99.95% uptime—meaning you can expect our digital signage to work flawlessly even when it’s working several hours a day, seven days a week. Our digital signage technology was engineered for the rigors of commercial use, so you don’t have to worry about blue screens of death, images that won’t load, and videos that freeze at every frame. And if you do have a problem? Our team is ready to provide you personalized, human support to get you back up and running. 

The following are ten ways to use Raydiant digital signage in your hotel:

Greet Guests with Your Hotel Information 

Use digital signage to relay all types of information to your hotel guests. For example, display an onscreen map of your hotel with its key features highlighted, like elevators, fitness room, and pool. You can also show check-in and check-out times, hotel services and prices, continental breakfast hours and menus, shuttle pick-up locations and schedules, and other info guests may find useful.

Guide the Way with Wayfinding Signs

Help guests find their way by using your digital displays to lead them to the elevator, restrooms, boardroom, and other common areas. Tired families and busy business guests will appreciate you showing them where they want to go as soon as they walk through your doors. Digital displays can be used throughout the property to display a map of the hotel with highlighted routes to the most popular areas (the hotel restaurant, for example). 

Direct Traffic with Special & Business Event Info

From weddings to business conferences, your hotel brings together many groups of people—sometimes simultaneously! Welcome them at the door with digital signage that includes personalized messages for each group. And keep confusion down and traffic moving with digital signs that immediately direct them to their meeting place on the hotel grounds. 

Accent Your Concierge Services with Colorful Content

Get a virtual concierge for your hotel with Raydiant’s digital signage technology. With Raydiant, you can easily upload and display vibrant, colorful brochures, maps, and menus of local restaurants and attractions. You can also design your own content for display using the PosterMyWall app, which has thousands of gorgeous templates to choose from. 

Create and Display Eye-Catching Promo Content

Raydiant digital signage makes it easy to create, upload, schedule, and swap out promotional and seasonal content. Are you offering a seasonal promotion at your hotel spa? Use our Flyers app to create a quick, but eye-catching, promotional flyer to display in your lobby. For more long-term promotions, design your own, branded digital poster with our PosterMyWall app, or upload a promotional video with our Videos app. Raydiant’s cloud-based interface is both easy to access (from any internet-connected device) and simple to use—you don’t have to be a designer to create attention-grabbing digital content.  

Help Guests Plan Their Stay with Live Event Calendars

Raydiant makes it easy to schedule and display recurring and special events on your hotel’s digital displays. And because our Calendars app syncs with your Google calendar, all updates are immediately shown on your hotel’s digital displays. Guests will be informed if wine tasting is moved from the terrace to the dining room, or if movie night at the pool is cancelled due to rain. 

Set the Mood with Your Own Soundtrack

Add ambience to your hotel’s common areas with custom music playlists. Use Raydiant’s Soundtrack Your Brand app to create and play your own playlists, or simply choose the “mood” you want to set and the app will select music that fits. Since the Soundtrack Your Brand music library contains over 50 million songs, and soundtracks are updated weekly, you don’t have to worry about repetitive tracks. Schedule your soundtrack to play at set times, and choose one or more digital displays from hundreds of images and album art.

Show Off Your Hotel’s (and Guests’) Best Instagram Photos

Share high-res photos and videos from your Instagram feed on your TV displays by using Raydiant with Instagram. Showcase curated photos from your feed and share your guests’ posts of their favorite times during their stay. Highlight seasonal promotions, special events, and hotel upgrades like an additional wing or renovated rooms. You can even use Raydiant to pull your brand’s hashtags so that your digital displays continue to cycle fresh, engaging content from Instagram to your in-house TVs.

Bring Your Menus to Life with Digital Menu Boards

Attract guests’ attention by displaying bold, beautiful digital menu boards for your hotel restaurants and eateries—or even services at the spa. Not only are digital menu boards more visually interesting (and easier to read) than static menu boards, but they are also easier to program and update with Raydiant’s cloud-based interface. Instantly update menu items, schedule dayparting menus, and add seasonal and promotional dishes. You can also update your menu on all major ordering apps like GrubHub and UberEats in one place using our SinglePlatform app

Keep Guests Updated with Live News and Weather Feeds

Keep your guests up on current events with Raydiant’s News app, which shows live headlines from prominent news sources. Other information you can provide with digital signage includes real-time weather feeds, flight delays from the local airport, traffic updates, and any other news that will impact your guests’ travel plans. 


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