10 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage at Your Gym

Dec 17, 2019

Gyms, fitness clubs, and studios around the world are using digital signage to communicate, motivate, and sell products and services to their members. With Raydiant digital signage, you can upload, create, schedule, and show all types of content, from videos to dynamic digital “posters,” on your gym’s TV displays. Here are ten ways your gym can benefit from digital signage:

Provide Class Schedules at a Glance

Schedule and display live calendars with Raydiant’s Calendars app. This app syncs with your Google calendar so that it instantly updates all associated digital displays with the latest schedule. And since Raydiant is a cloud-based interface, you can make changes from any internet-connected device. Do you have to cancel a class or use a sub? No problem! Make your calendar changes and they will display on your gym TV screens in real time.

Promote New Classes and Fill Current Ones

Fill up new and struggling classes by promoting them with dynamic digital signage. Create a digital flyer or promotional poster using Raydiant’s Flyers and PosterMyWall apps. Choose from hundreds of beautiful templates and high-res images in Raydiant’s easy-to-use interface. You can also upload your logo and branded images to make professional-looking, on-brand signage that grabs members’ attention.

Increase Profits by Advertising Products & Services

Showcase membership upgrades, personal training sessions, friends and family deals, holiday promotions, and more with Raydiant digital signs. You don’t have to be a designer to make eye-catching digital flyers, posters, and videos that sell your gym’s products and services. Choose from thousands of HD and 4K photos and video templates for crisp, colorful displays. 

You can also use Raydiant digital technology to create and schedule content for ongoing and limited-time campaigns. Our interface lets you design gorgeous digital marketing materials and set them to display at set dates and times—meaning you can plan for future promotions months ahead of time. 

Introduce Your Trainers, Staff, and “Member of the Week”

Let your members get to know your instructors and staff better by displaying short bios on your digital screens. This is a great way to connect members to your brand and get them invested in your community. It will also make members feel more comfortable to ask questions about how to use the machines properly and how to use proper form when exercising.

Get Customers Pumped with a Custom Soundtrack

There’s no shortage of evidence that shows the positive effect of music on a workout. And though your gym members will likely be bringing their own music and ear pods while they work out, it’s still important to play background music that motivates. Raydiant’s Soundtrack Your Brand app is a “set it and forget it” app that ensures your gym music is always on point. With over 50 million songs to choose from, you can create as many custom playlists as you like, or simply select a “mood” and let the app populate the playlists and play music automatically. 

Since Soundtrack Your Brand has such a large selection of songs, and soundtracks that are automatically updated weekly, you and your members will never get tired of repetitive tracks. You can even set different playlists to play at different times, like strong, steady beats during your gym’s rush hour, and soft, soothing music for when the evening yoga class lets out.  

Teach Proper Technique with Informative Content

Many gyms and fitness studios use digital signage to show images and videos of using proper form while exercising. Feature a “workout of the day” (WOD), easily scheduling them and updating them as needed using the Raydiant interface. Use our Videos app to upload a video of an instructor or trainer showing how to properly perform the exercise. If you don’t want to create your own videos, use Raydiant’s YouTube app to play YouTube videos for these training purposes. 

Get Social: Show Off Your Instagram Content

Motivate and entertain members while they work out by showcasing your best high-res photos from your Instagram feed on your gym TVs with Raydiant technology. Choose which posts you want to display, and even program it so that it pulls content with your branded hashtags to put on display. Use Instagram with Raydiant to display social media campaigns, including seasonal promotions and limited time offers, on your gym’s big screens. And since the most effective marketing is word of mouth, you can also share your members’ posts when they check in to the gym, participate in gym challenges, and share their fitness milestones with your gym’s hashtag.

Start a Movement: Tell Your Brand Story

Whether you’re a “big box” gym or a small fitness studio, connect members to your brand values with a video that shares your brand’s story. Raydiant makes it easy to upload and display videos, or to create your own using our Videos app. Select from thousands of high-def video templates to create a brand video that looks like it was designed by a professional.  

Set Machine Time Limits During Busy Hours

Many gyms set time limits on equipment, such as cardio machines, during busy hours. Need to set or enforce time limits on your gym equipment? Use your digital signage to keep these reminders visible on your gym floor. If machine limits are only needed during certain gym hours, you can schedule these announcements with  Raydiant’s playlist builder. 

Make Important Announcements More Visible

Upcoming holiday hours? Special refer-a-friend pricing?  Every gym has announcements they don’t want their members to miss. Raydiant digital signage can relay impossible-to-miss messages with visually stunning displays. 

Make an Impact with Raydiant Digital Signage 

Raydiant helps businesses in all industries create and display digital signage that is both attractive and engaging. Our plug-and-play hardware makes installation and setup easy, and our user-friendly interface makes it easy to create gorgeous interactive content without a designer. Because Raydiant is a cloud-based system, there is no need for storing heavy, expensive servers on site—simply access the interface from any internet-connected device. And with Raydiant’s 99.95% uptime rate, you can trust that your gym’s digital signage will work reliably.



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