Digital Signage For Banks: You Know a Good Investment
When You See One

The perfect revenue-driving digital signage solution for financial institutions.

Raydiant’s secure system gives banks and financial companies a user-friendly platform for creating vibrant displays that attract, inform, and sell. Use Raydiant’s digital signage to educate clients on products and services, provide important industry information, and improve the overall customer experience with our digital signage for banks.

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Transform Your Bank's Branch Into a Resource for Clients With Digital Signage

Even with the myriad of options available online, people still prefer conducting their financial business in person1</small >. As such, your bank branches are the best place to inform customers of everything your company has to offer and nurture their financial literacy.

Raydiant’s bank digital signage platform gives users access to a marketplace full of apps curated just for business owners like you. Creating and displaying dynamic content that teaches your customers about products, market trends, or interest rates is as simple as a few mouse clicks with our digital signage solutions.

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Stay Current with Industry Data and Trends

Staying on top of the complex world of global finance can be a challenge. Raydiant’s digital RSS feeds provide an easy way to keep customers and staff informed with up-to-the-minute data. Use them to create a custom news ticker tailored specifically to your industry, your business’s specialty, and your customer base.

Nurture Customer Relationships

Every moment that customers spend in your branch is an opportunity to let them know you’re a proud part of the community. Raydiant provides all the tools you need to easily create gorgeous presentations that spotlight projects you’ve financed, celebrate new homeowners, or tell the story of your company and its people. Increase customer engagement by using digital signage at your bank or financial institution.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Long wait times can be a deal-breaker for customers. However, studies have shown that digital signage can reduce perceived wait times by as much as 35%. With Raydiant, you can build alluring real time digital signage that educates and entertains customers as they wait—and without becoming frustrated.

Build Brand Trust and Loyalty

The larger your organization, the harder it is to keep branding and promotional efforts consistent—especially with multiple locations. With Raydiant, you can send out digital signage updates to every bank screen in your network—and from anywhere in the world—with one click. No more waiting on designers or printers. No more relying on local branch staff to update signage. Just all your digital signage at your fingertips in one user-friendly platform.

Make your locations warm, friendly environments that cultivate a more educated customer base. With the Raydiant Experience Platform, you can deliver positive in-branch experiences that genuinely help customers grow their wealth and keep them coming back to the source.

How to use Raydiant's digital signage at Your Bank or Financial Company

Custom News & Ticker Display

Nobody knows what your customers want better than you do. With Raydiant’s Multizone app, you can combine news feeds, video playlists, flyers, pictures, clocks, calendars, and more to create custom, live displays. Hand-tailor displays to create strategic, hyper-localized content for one or more in-house screens in one or multiple bank locations.

Products & Services Board

Most financial institutions offer products and services that most of their customers know nothing about. After all, who picks up a paper flyer or brochure anymore? Draw customers eyes and attention with vivid digital signage displays highlighting the many ways you can help them manage their wealth or credit.

Employee Communications

Raydiant isn’t just for customer-facing screens. Companies need clear communication behind the counter, too. Make your employees’ jobs easier by displaying handy policy and rate info, team member recognition displays, or important notices and updates on screens that get their attention. Raydiant’s digital signs are also a great way to provide break room entertainment for hardworking bank employees.

Property Listings

These days, many banks and credit unions also offer real estate owned (REO) properties for sale or rent. With the ability to provide hyper-localized content and deliver multimedia content, Raydiant-enabled screens are the perfect way to display your portfolio of properties for sale or rent.

Why Banks and Finance Companies Love Raydiant


Remotely manage digital bank signage at multiple locations easily and instantly.


Create gorgeous presentations in minutes with one of over 150,000 drag-and-drop templates.


Update branches with modern, innovative technology


Provide a welcoming, neighborly environment with digital greeting signage.


Create branch ambiance with soft, customized background music


Turn complex information into bite-sized data points with attractive digital displays.


Lets you to prominently display important public health and safety directives.

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Ready to Take Your In-Branch Experience to the Next Level?

Studies have found that 95% of retail banks who adopted digital signage are satisfied with their choice3. We like those odds, and so should you. Book a demo now or try Raydiant risk-free today.

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