Our Story

Our world is more technological, dynamic, and fast-paced than ever. The line between bricks and pixels is vanishing every day. Paper signs are being replaced by digital experiences. In-store personnel is being complemented by touch screens, multi-engagement ordering paths, and virtual attendants.

At Raydiant, we use technology to help businesses bring their physical locations to life. Whether showcasing the steam off of a coffee in a menu, playing in-store music, or even displaying employee messaging, Raydiant makes your brand’s messaging consistent – all while offering you the ability to tailor each screen to varying audiences and interactive content.

Simply put: Raydiant offers a highly secure, highly flexible solution that allows you to control your screens from anywhere. While larger corporations are spending billions of dollars on their in-store transformations, we’ve worked hard to ensure that any business can implement an interactive experience with a small investment. And with our plug-and-play, drag-and-drop interface, any business can turn their TVs into an engaging customer journey.

Let’s work together to create amazing experiences in your business.

The future is now.
The future is bright.
The future is Raydiant… and we can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

Bobby Marhamat

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